Are you looking for a competent gardener to realize your dream garden? Or would you like to give your existing garden or roof terrace a refurbishment? In that case, 020GROEN is the right place for you! At 020GROEN, your wishes are the main point of focus and we have the expertise to ensure that your garden or roof terrace fits perfectly with your personality, in combination with the house and surroundings. 020GROEN is a professional gardening company that focuses on all activities regarding city gardens and roof terraces, but also schools, institutions, companies and governments.

Unburden In our company, UNBURDEN is the main point of focus. Both the design and the execution can be carried out by us. We operate according to the Design & Build principle: through short communication lines, communication remains clear and the process remains accessible. The only thing you have to do is to just enjoy the metamorphosis of your garden.

Everything we do is done in a sustainable way. Sustainability is interwoven throughout all of our activities. That is why we like to reuse old materials and drive our cars on electricity and natural gas, for example. Our complete machinery is environmentally friendly.

Socially responsible We know our social responsibility, which is why we work together with many parties in the fields of education, youth, sheltered employment and the environment. That is why we are committed to projects such as het Bijenhotel, which is part of the Natuur & Mileu foundation.

We do not just care for gardens, we make the difference!